The JawZ by Grip & Shoot
We realize that your phone is one of your favorite accessories and you like to dress it accordingly. Some prefer thin and stylish cases, others like bulky and protective, and some even prefer no case at all. This is why we now include the GRIP&SHOOT JawZ.

Two spring loaded jaws extend out to accommodate multiple sized phones and cases. JawZ is over-molded with durable no-slip rubber to grip your phone safely and securely. And when not in use, JawZ folds flat and can be tossed right in your pocket. JawZ will fit ANY phone or case up to the iPhone 6s+ with an Otterbox ® Case.

JawZ holds ANY Phone!
Everyone likes their own case or no case at all. Keep your phone the way it is and quickly mount it to GRIP&SHOOT using our universal adapter. JawZ’s spring-loaded rubber grips hold your phone safe and secure.

*JawZ can hold ANY phone or case (up to the iPhone 6s+ WITH OtterBox® Case).

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Download the App
GRIP&SHOOT works with the free “GRIP&SHOOT” camera app available on iTunes or Google Play.

Start shooting
Start the GRIP&SHOOT App, squeeze the trigger to wake the grip, and you are ready to capture perfect pictures and video.

Bluetooth Smart Grip

  • T-Locking Mechanism
    GRIP&SHOOT’s locking mechanism is both simple and secure.
  • 3 Buttons
    Squeeze the trigger to capture a photo or Start/Stop a video. The + and – buttons can be used to control Zoom, Exposure, Switch Cameras, or anything you want. They’re completly customizable. Because of the Grip’s open API, Developers can program these buttons to control various functions within their own App as well.
  • TPE Side Grips
    Rubber side grips provide comfort and no-slip security.
  • Blue LED
    The Blue LED flashes letting you know your phone and grip are connected via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Removable Stand
    Slide the switch at the bottom of the Grip to disengage the Removable Stand (this switch also helps remove the battery when it needs to be changed). The Stand can be used on its own or to mount your device to any tripod. The remainder of the Grip is now a remote to control your phone over 100ft away.