AdrenalineTV is a hot, new high-energy sports magazine program from Adrenaline International Media, LLC that promises to entertain and thrill the viewers. This show provides viewers with both, an entertaining and informative insider’s view of sports adventures, by profiling a variety of extreme, cutting-edge and even wacky sports adventures from worldwide locations. Each half-hour show includes 4 to 5 fast moving segments

The series is branded through the use of the attractive ladies on the Adrenaline Team. These ladies will act as show hosts and/or correspondents, and each show’s segmants feature the exceptional Adrenaline Team women who participate in the various sports adventures. They interview show participants and demonstrate many different wild and wacky high-energy sports adventures

Each show is hosted by one of the attractive sports enthusiast Adrenaline Team members, which includes well-known supermodel, Angie Everhart, stunt driver, Devon Jenkin, Dana West and others

AdrenalineTV is similar to other sports shows to a degree. It is comparable to ABC’s World Wide World of Sports and NBC’s Sports World in its breadth of coverage. It uses the hip driving intensity and “in your face” style of MTV Sports, and we portray some extreme sports and adventure segments similar to ESPN’s X-Games. Each AdrenalineTV segment is personally narrated by an on-site Adremaline Team member and has a “down-home” atmosphere

Episodes undertaken by the ladies of AdrenalineTV include wild sports adventures such as hydro-broncing, ski-jouring, skydiving, spear fishing, scuba diving, stunt driving, base-jumping, slush-cup racing, snowmobile racing, snowmobile hill climbing, ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) racing, paintball, ice-boating, and many more EXTREME Activities!

So don’t miss an Episode!